Sunday, 28 October 2012

Eight Robbers and One Dumpling

Here is the result of Sunday indoors (I'm sort of refusing to go out because it's too cold! Also, my tube lines were down so couldn't get anywhere anyway really!).

I'm supremely knackered tonight, after churning out 8 robbers in a matter of hours - these are for a friend who is teaching English to schoolkids in Japan, and who needs some pictures of child-friendly thieves for a word game (^u^)

I also made this little fellow today! (Mostly crocheted whilst on the tube, and just did the finishing touches this morning, to be fair). His name is 'Dumpling'! (^u^)


  1. soooooo cute!!!!!!!! 8 robbers! Can be a really cool band name too!!!
    I love your illustration - bring a smile on my face Mochi! :)

  2. hehe yeah! It does sound like a good band name! Shall we start a band? hehehehe :)